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  • Can the plate go in the dishwasher?
    Yes, the SpinMeal Plate can go in the top rack. No need to remove the arrow.
  • Can I get the arrow to turn faster?
    Gently pull up on each end of the arrow to slightly bend it away from the plate.
  • Can I put the plate in the microwave?
    No, we recommend heating up the food items prior to placing them on the plate.
  • My kid is still hesitating trying new foods...
    Don't put too much pressure on your little one. Have your child play the game with other kids that he/she cares for. Celebrate the wins. The plate works. Give it time.
  • How often should I use the plate?
    Any game that is played too often becomes boring. Once, maybe twice a week is good.
  • How do I replace the arrow?
    Gently pull the new arrow apart from the top and bottom. Press the parts together with the arrow being on top of the plate and the circle lock being on the bottom.
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