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Once upon a time there was a little family; a mommy, a daddy and a cat. The mommy and the daddy wanted so badly to have a child and one day they did. They had a beautiful little girl, who was very smart. They were very excited and had all kinds of plans for her. The mom was from Denmark and very worried about safe plastics and BPA. The dad was from San Francisco and overly concerned about organic foods and pesticides. The cat was from the streets and just wanted to know when dinner was served. But the kid was born in LA so would read the best books, hang out with the brightest and smartest friends, have no screen time and eat the perfect healthy foods. And then… Life happened.


The cat didn’t care about any of this. She just laid in a spot of sunshine on the floor.


When the little girl, who was very smart, turned two, she started to have her own opinions about what to eat. And she decided to stick with Mac & Cheese as the main source of nutrition. The mommy and daddy were very distraught as this is not at all what they had planned for her perfect little childhood. They tried to come up with many ways of making the little girl, who was very smart, eat her foods. Bribing her with treats didn’t help. Explaining the woes of the world didn’t help. Flying airplane spoons didn’t help. Bringing grandma over to talk about starving kids in third world countries didn’t help. Yelling at her didn’t help. 


And the cat didn’t care to help.


Then one day, they decided to make eating FUN. The mommy and daddy invented the SpinMeal plate. The arrow would spin and the little girl, who was very smart, squealed with glee and was so proud when she won a point by eating a new food. When she first tasted Yams, she yelled I LOVE THIS! Soon her palate was expanding. And as she grew, so did her appetite for new favorite foods. The little girl, who was very smart, was no longer a picky eater and her mommy and daddy were soooo happy and could finally get some sleep at night. Sort of….


The cat still didn’t care.