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The SpinMeal Plate was created by Rikke Christensen, a mom who was frustrated that her daughter would eat nothing, but Mac & Cheese. After many attempts, tears and frustration, she decided that it was time to make mealtime fun. She designed the plate on a piece of paper and her husband, Steve, jumped on the chance to have it manufactured. Not only do they have a lot of success with their daughter expanding her food choices, it seems to help other parents as well. It has become a popular item amongst parents of picky eaters and kids that just want to have fun and children with special needs. The plate is sold on Amazon and SpinMeal is rapidly expanding across the globe.

"Just like we had to turn brushing teeth time into fun time, we turned meal time into fun time as well" ~ Rikke

Sydney and Mommy catching SpinMeal Plate
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