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SpinMeal Plate

A meal or snack time plate and game for picky eaters. Encourages trying new foods. Fill the compartments with food they are mostly familiar with and add a wild card - a new food item they have never tried. A suggestion would be to add a special treat either on the plate or as a winning prize dessert for after. Spin the arrow and your child must taste what the arrow points to in order to get to spin again. Watch the glee on your children's faces as they are challenged and notice the satisfaction on your own, when your child finally realizes that broccoli is quite delicious. One or more kids can play against each other on one plate or each with their own plate. You make the rules!

Chihuahua Shopping
WARNING: Only purchase from authorized retailers. We found companies called ECTY, Chesson and Xiamen Kingwell who are copying and selling on unauthorized sites. We are taking the legal steps necessary and working with the authorities. Please only purchase from the authorized retailers with direct links from our website. Other Plates may not have been tested.
Spinmeal picky eater snack plate
Spinmeal plate picky eater snack plate

Eat2Play! Play2Eat!

Lab tested
Dishwasher Safe
BPA Free

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